About Procity

What we offer?

Here is a quick look at what Procity offers:

  • Experience of over 15 years in quality automobile painting
  • A dedicate staff of experienced professionals
  • Timely, professional service
  • Incredible value for money

About our services

About Us

Procity is the result of a group of driven, young professionals coming together to solve a very common problem in Chennai- properly priced and high-quality automobile body repair and painting services in Chennai. Even today, Customers face issues with finding reliable service providers that provide good quality at the right price. ProCity was formed to answer the call of hundreds of thousands of such vehicle owners and users.

We make things simpler for our customers by integrating online and offline communications. You can request for a quote right from our website, and we send a professional to assess the situation and give you the right quote based on your requirements.

With over 15 years of experience in automobile painting, Procity knows the tools and techniques needed to get that flawless and well-protected finish to your vehicle at an affordable price. We have the network, the experience and the skill- and we have made it convenient and simple for you to access them all!